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AFP Genius Armoury Experience - Cybersecurity Trainee


Canberra, ACT, Australia

Applications close:
26 April 2024 at 1:30:00 pm
(5 days left)

What is the AFP Genius Armoury Experience?

The AFP Genius Armoury Experience is a paid employment programme designed to identify and recruit people from within the autistic community and provide the necessary workplace and technical skills to join the Australian Federal Police (AFP) as a cybersecurity trainee.

In this 9 month program you will undergo comprehensive training and mentorship in an inclusive and supportive environment to develop the foundational skills and knowledge necessary to start a career in the field of cybersecurity.

Who is it for?

  • Autistic candidates who have completed the Genius Armoury Cybersecurity Education Modules (must be completed prior to submitting application -

  • No prior work experience is required to apply for the program, but an interest in cybersecurity & technology is preferred.

  • Applicants must be Australian citizens and willing to undergo a background check.

  • Applicants with availability to complete the stages of the selection process.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Embark on a 9-month trainee program within the AFP, integrating key cybersecurity practices. Gain hands-on training and mentorship in cyber fundamentals, acquire new technical skills and practices from leading cybersecurity professionals.

  • Learn techniques for identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities within the organisations network and systems, and for signs of unusual activities or potential security breaches.

  • Provide support to AFP cybersecurity professionals in implementing and enhancing security measures through participation in real-life cybersecurity scenarios and exercises.

  • Participate in security training programs such as phishing simulations, etc., by conducting security assessments and audits to identify vulnerabilities to support the AFP cyber team.

To learn more about the application and selection process, download the brochure using the button at the top of the page

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